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App Rant: Inconsistency – RazerGO

Razer, you’re so edgy with your location-based chat room with PokemonGO theming. Razer, you’re so edgy when you include force people to chat in a room based on their PokemonGO team choice.

Razer, you’re not so edgy when you’re way behind on the Facebook bandwagon. So you wanna advertise your RazerGO app on Facebook? That’s fine. It appeared in my timeline and I was intrigued.

I installed it. And that’s when you lost me. The moment I opened the app I was prompted to “create an account”. But not just any account, this account had to be tied to my email instead of having the option to log in with Facebook.

The problems with this are three-fold:

1. You advertised on Facebook, so why not let me log in to your app using my Facebook account?

2. You waste my time by forcing me to log in using email credentials

3. I have to manage yet another online account solely through my email.

I’m not even gonna go into how the app itself was a total half-ass job.

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