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Dashbid/PreVUE Hot Take

This post here’s gonna be a little more informal than most and that’s simply because this ad is preying on the minds of those not in the loop.

Ad focused on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t79geVT7LvQ

Watch the video before reading, you’ll understand my frustration better.

“There was a promise forever, the promise being delivery is we’re going to give you, the viewer, the ads that you want to get the things that you like.” Not exactly, I also don’t remember advertisers making such a promise. Publishers make this promise.

“blockchain” BUZZWORD ALERT.

“that’s going to change digital advertising forever” Right up until something else changes it forever.

“The advertisers are getting what they want” Well duh, they’re the ones paying the publishers to get their ads in front of people to sell the product to make money so they can advertise their product and so on.

“The publishers are getting paid for what they’re doing” Well umm of course, how do you expect them to host a platform for publishing? Where are you going with this?

“Vendors are paying for what they’re doing” They actually sell the product, of course they’re getting paid!

“And nothing being given in return”

Let’s break this down. Considering this was an ad I saw on YouTube, we’ll take YouTube’s advertising model as the example. YouTube is a platform on which people can post entertaining (or not) videos for free to an audience of over a billion. YouTube also provides the consumption of these videos to other end-users for free including short films, many a music video/song, news, gaming podcasts, and the lists goes on. All they ask is that you take the time (most of the time under 30 seconds) for you to watch an ad. Ads over 30 seconds are skippable.

Hours, days, years of entertainment, for free, yet nothing is being given in return.

“PreVUE blockchain is what changes that” Mhm. I just don’t think that needs to be changed.

“Have the choice do I want to be compensated or do I not” YOUR COMPENSATION IS FUN AND ENTERTAINMENT!! Heck, someone can literally build a house and make money off the skills learned from YouTube!

Okay so after this he’s going on about the virtual you. This is certainly a thing but the problem is that this service will not give ownership of virtual you back to you. The data that’s already out there is out there. It cannot be taken back because the internet is written in ink, not pencil.

Another problem is with the data you create while using this service. You will clearly have no control over any of this data. I’d venture to say that you’ll have less control over this data because it is involuntarily permanently public with blockchain technology. While I know nothing of the implementation, I know that the concept of blockchain technology is a PUBLIC ledger and the moment anybody worth a damn in the public eye is found out to be X cryptographic signature, it’s byebye to their anonymity.

“Think of the value of an opted-in audience that willing to trade personal information” I’m extremely wary of this statement. The main reason for this is that I don’t know the venue on which I’ll be providing this information. Am I signing up using my Google account? Am I signing up and you’re scraping my Facebook account and the information of my friends? Am I having the data on my phone scraped? I doubt that they’ll stop at the things that users explicitly include in their profile and in their terms of service claim that they have the right to scrape any and all information on the devices you own.

“Anyone considering buying the dashbid token should be someone who really understands that they’re going to participate in this ecosystem regardless” Fucking what? The hell I am!

The declarative statements at the end: THEN WHY AM I BEING SERVED THIS AD? If I can’t use this service, you shouldn’t be serving this to me in Canada. I guaran-100%fucking-tee you can specify the Country that an ad displays in.

Oh, and of course their SSL certificate isn’t valid:

Just don’t do it.

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