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Forefront TMG: Wrapping up Exchange and Whatnot

The final installment of the Installing Exchange: 2010 series has finally arrived! It’s been a long run but we’re here and in the clear.

Forefront just has some final tweaks to be made before we’re finished, enjoy the ride and follow along in this tutorial that’s going to ROCK YOUR WORLD!

  1. Open Forefront TMG
  2. In the Forefront TMG window, right-click Firewall Policy in the left-hand pane and select New>Exchange Web Client Access Publishing Rule… from the context menu
  3. In the New Exchange Publishing Rule Wizard window, name the new rule then click Next
  4. From the dropdown menu on the Select Services page select Exchange Server 2010 then check the Outlook Web Access checkbox and click Next
  5. On the Publishing Type page click Next
  6. On the Server Connection Security page click Next
  7. On the Internal Publishing Details page enter the internal domain name then click Next
  8. On the Public Name Details page enter the external domain name and click Next
  9. On the Select Web Listener window click New…
  10. In the New Web Listener Definition Wizard window name the new web listener and click Next
  11. On the Client Connection Security page click Next
  12. On the Web Listener IP Addresses page check the External NIC’s checkbox and click Next
  13. On the Listener SSL Certificates page click Select Certificate
  14. In the Select Certificate window select the certificate who’s name corresponds with that which was imported earlier in the Personal>Certificates store and click Select
  15. Click Next
  16. On the Authentication Settings page click Next
  17. Uncheck Enable SSO for Web sites published with this Web listener and click Next
  18. Click Finish
  19. In the New Exchange Publishing Rule Wizard window click Next
  20. Click Next
  21. Click Next, leaving the default All Authenticated Users entry
  22. Click Finish
  23. In the Forefront TMG window, click on Firewall Policy in the pane on the left
  24. Select the Outlook Web Access entry and using Move Selected Rules Down on the far-right pane, move the entry down just past the Allow LDAP entry
  25. Right-click the Outlook Web Access entry and select Properties from the context menu
  26. In the Outlook web Access Properties window, select the To tab and enter the Hub’s then click OK
  27. In the middle pane of the Forefront TMG window, click Apply then click Apply, then OK

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