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Indie Developers

I recently checked out the IndieGoGo campaign for ElementaryOS’s “Pay what you want” App center, and I was proposed with an interesting idea: “Indie Developers”.

You don’t hear much about them in the world of software. The term Indie has penetrated a few widely-encompassing industries such as music (Indie Music or Indie Labels) and in the gaming industry (Indie Game Devs). However, I had not imagined the concept of an Indie Software Developer before.

The concept intrigues me as I can already see the benefits of using Indie software. The benefits include closer contact to the developer in reporting bugs and requesting features, being able to get direct feedback from the developer on your feature request and whether it would be or would be beneficial to have, and much more.

I like the idea of “getting funded” to develop software, even if you’re only developing the software as your side hustle. I might write a little more on the topic as I explore how to get funding as an open-source software developer.

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