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Moving from Ubuntu to openSUSE Leap

After a little discussion on /r/linux, the Linux community on reddit,¬†about whether I really should do this I’ve decided to migrate to openSUSE as an experiment and a learning experience. Of course I’ll miss Ubuntu but it’s going to be changing and before the (excuse my language) shit hits the fan during the transition from Unity to GNOME I’d rather be ten feet away from Canonical and Ubuntu. I initially was going to head back to Arch or even Fedora, but something about not having ever used openSUSE called me over (and the insistence done by a certain chairman might have influenced my choice).

I’ll be using this as a learning experience so of course you’ll be seeing a little more green here as compared to the past. I’ll try as much as I can to cover non-openSUSE/SUSE stuff after this switch and this switch is certainly¬†not the last time I’ll ever be switching. I just want to learn as much as I can about the world of Linux and of course if there’s another big player in the world, I have to build a base so that if I’m forced to deal with anything SUSE-related in the future as a SysAdmin.

Wish me luck!

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