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Nexus 5, 5X (and 6P…kinda)

I think Google has taken a page out of the Apple product release handbook.

Everything has only been touched with a grain of salt. A bit larger screen, better camera, addition of a fingerprint sensor, as well as a different color instead of the bright orange/red the current Nexus 5 I’m typing on has.

Also for the inside, a few more cores (of which I might add are different speeds, look up why that is, you might find it interesting.) A bit more RAM.

My biggest problem with the 5X is the damn flash storage size! What the heck is up with the 16/32GB internal storage configuration in 2015??? I want 32/64GB to become the standard, especially when there’s no microSD slot for the damn thing!

I will admit though, that I want to update from the 5 to the 5X. This is the first Nexus device that hasn’t been truly abhorrent in terms of hardware AND software.

The Nexus One was good hardware, terrible software. The Galaxy Nexus was great software, but terrible hardware (keyboard letter burn in on the screen set in from a minimum of 2 months of daily use). The Nexus 4’s hardware was great, albeit the chassis wasn’t so sturdy and the screen was too flimsy.

Enter the Nexus 5. Great chassis, solid hardware, awesome screen and I just put marshmallow on it!

I can’t wait to get the 5X next year(once my contract with the 5 is up).

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  1. Did you end up getting a 5X or did you get your Moto Z play instead? I had a Nexus 5X and loved it. Still kind of prefer it to the 6P.

    • It ended up being the Moto X Play by the time I came to getting a new phone. The 5X ended up costing something like $200 on a contract whereas the Moto X Play was free on a contract.

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