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Nothing Provides X

It’s day one and I’m already frustrated by openSUSE. It’s absolutely fantastic that I can install things from not only RPMs but from DEBs and even flatpak and snappy packages. But I find it extremely annoying when I have to go around trying to find this package and that package and manually installing them because they’re not included in any of the default repositories.

I first encountered this with Spotify. I try to install Spotify and of course it’s not in a repo that can actually be added, you gotta use a workaround using a package only available through github, which is actually the installer that needs to be installed. Not only this, I have packages that I need to install that I can’t even find in the repos that are required by Spotify. I do some searching online and find the required packages, install them and guess what? They’re not being detected by Spotify.

I gave up on that, and figured alright, I’ll just use the web browser version or play the music through my phone. I moved on to overGrive, a Google Drive sync tool for most of the desktops. I download the rpm package and, you guessed it, one of the dependencies for overGrive is not found in any of the default repos. I look for the dependency online and once I find this dependency, it requires a further dependency for that dependency, not found in the repos. 

At this point, I can’t say that I’m comfortable with using openSUSE for the desktop. I also can’t agree with openSUSE’s marquee, “The makers’ choice for sysadmins, developers and desktop users,” because this is clearly not ready for the desktop.

Sorry openSUSE, I’m gonna head to back to Ubuntu…for now

Update: Also, the connection to my WiFi is so inconsistent I can’t listen to my Spotify through the web browser without experiencing interruptions.

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  1. As a 8+ year Linux desktop user I have to agree with you. Been there, done that with RH .rpm dependency hell (better these days) and their screwy UIs (Worse these days).
    Ubuntu has updated thousands of Debian packages because upstream can’t or won’t change fast enough. Debian has its own version of ‘binary blob’ hell, so don’t even think about it for a laptop.
    Ubuntu, Mint and other derivatives Just Work for me.
    Even Ubuntu Server, but that’s another post :-).
    Good luck, Mike

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