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Private DNS and DHCP

Currently, I’m studying in a course called Unix II which focuses on Linux in the server environment. We’ve covered a wide variety of topics such as NFS mounts, remote login, Samba, and of course DNS and DHCP servers. Primarily, all the practice is done through virtual machines and since I’ve got a decent rig at home, I’ve had no problem having a little fun.

My endeavours, however, are now surpassing what is covered in the course and I’m getting into systems administrator territory. I have in mind, a configuration that would allow the DNS server to automatically add and remove hosts from the forwarding zones as they join the network and obtain an IP from the DHCP server.

There are two options I could theoretically explore:

  1. If there exists already a configuration of DHCP/DNS settings that would allow this to happen seamlessly, wonderful! I’ll look into this and see if there is such a configuration.
  2. If there isn’t such a configuration that exists, I will then resort to what the British would deem a ‘bodge’. According to Tom Scott, a bodge is an inelegant or clumsy solution to a problem that works regardless of its lack of finesse and finish. That is all to say, there’ll probably be some scripting involved.

Wish me luck!

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