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Recent Changes to the Blog

Hi all, your friendly Linux enthusiast here.

As you may have noticed, there have been some changes that I’ve made to the blog. Although minute, I feel they’re important to note as they’ll be changing your experience in a subtle way.

The first change is that I’ve changed the formatting of post links. If you recall, the format was something along the lines of In an effort to shorten links, I’ve chosen to use a much simpler and more predictable link scheme and just go with the title of the article, as well as drop date and www. I don’t plan on making any further changes to all that any time soon so you can be assured that it’s worth changing any of the bookmarks to have to reflect the new naming scheme. I’ve also updated the DNS records to point to

The second change is that analytics are now opt-in. When you visit this blog for the first time you’ll be presented a banner that requests your consent to track things related to audience analytics (more on that in an upcoming post). If you have not yet made a decision, your information will not be gathered and no cookie will be stored in your browser related to my blog. If you say no, you will not be tracked and the only cookie stored is the decision to not be tracked. If give consent, the analytics code will run. The reason for such a change is to give greater control to the reader over their private information and to conform with the upcoming enforcement of the GDPR, coming into effect on May 25th. If we’re being honest, it’s mostly the former as I’ve only become aware of the GDPR enforcement as of a few days ago.

However, if you’ve enabled “Do Not Track” requests, and consent to being tracked, you will not be tracked as my analytics platform religiously respects such requests.

That brings me to the next change I’ve made. Before the recent slew of changes, I was using Google Analytics to collect analytics data, putting the code on every page of my blog, now I’m using Matomo (formely Piwik). While Google isn’t doing anything that they didn’t say they would do (it’s in their terms of service, you are the product), I’m not going to to their bidding in that I don’t agree that data collected for my blog should only be used by me. The data I collect is not for sale and will never be.

The last change I’ve made is that I’m now hosting this blog on Digital Ocean. Until before the change I was hosting with Linode but after repeated issues with their installation scripts and their lack of community, I decided that Digital Ocean is a better fit for the type of vibe I enjoy. With all their tutorials and support, I’ve been able to set up much more than just a server, but also a testing bed for my latest projects.

Hopefully you, the reader, can appreciate the changes I’ve made as they’re to help get you better information and a better peace of mind. 🙂


If you want to sign up for Digital Ocean’s services I’d like to ask you to graciously use this referral link: . You’ll get $10 in free credit and once you’ve spent $25 of your own money, I’ll recieve $25 myself, meaning that you’ll be indirectly supporting my blog.

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