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Road to the RedHat Cert: Date Moved

Welp, I’m pretty bummed right now, but also a little relieved.

First a little preface: The RedHat certification exam (EX200) dates I was looking at were June 30th and July 28th. Dates for the exams are marked as “Scheduled”, making the exam tentatively active until they turn to “Guaranteed to run”(GTR).

Now, I was aiming for June 30th because it was the closer date and I know most of the content described in the requirements for passing the exam. Today, I went to check if the exam was set to GTR, and surely it was. However, the date has been scooted forward one week making the exam take place on the 23rd of June! At this point, I think it would be wiser to take the later date simply because it’ll give me enough time to actually study for the exam and guarantee that I pass, rather than cramming throughout the next week and going into the exam all panicked.

Until further notice, I suppose my exam will be taking place on the 28th of July and I’ll have to head over to Toronto instead of Ottawa to take the exam. Man, I hate when plans change.

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  1. Good luck on your certification exam.
    Hopefully, your public officials are a little more ethical than down here in the USA. The tech industry here has abused the crap out of the H1B and other special visas to import cheap labor. Meanwhile, the educational system graduates thousands of two and four year IT/comp sci degree students.

    • Personally, I believe the main reason they import labour from abroad is that there actually isn’t enough graduates for the ever expanding market of technology. 14 year olds are making apps these days and they’re getting tens of thousands of downloads and more money than they know what to do with.

      I doubt it’s “cheap labour” that they’re after. They want talent, and North America isn’t providing enough of it yet because the governments themselves aren’t starting technology education early enough yet.

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