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Road to the RedHat Cert: KVM is just Weird

In the last post about KVM I complained that for some reason the spice viewer just wasn’t working and I was getting constant permission denied and gave up after a little while, deeming the problem insurmountable within panic mode. That was before I found out the date was changed for my certification exam.

Now that I have some more time, I decided I was going to tackle the problem again. So I freshly installed CentOS again and got to installing KVM tools after finishing the installation. I opened up a few search tabs and got to searching for the issue I had last time and brought up some solutions and was ready to attempt them.

Lo-and-behold the permission denied¬†error wasn’t going to happen again. Just great! While it’s fantastic that I don’t have the issue anymore, it sucks that as far as I know right now, I won’t ever find the root cause of the issue.

If you’re having issues with KVM like I am, check out the KVM Virtualization Cookbook.

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