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Spotify, What’s Going On?

Ever since Spotify was announced, I was hooked. I couldn’t even use the service but I was hooked. Pay 10$ a month and I get all the music I could ever need wherever and whenever? Sounds like a deal to me!

But I’ve got a few concerns about the service and the company’s direction.

When I signed up for Spotify premium, I was aware of the features and what I was paying for. That included lyrics. Now the lyrics are gone but I’m paying the same $10 a month. What gives?

Secondly, podcasts are available on mobile and listenable on desktop, but I can’t browse the podcasts on the desktop app? Again, what gives?

On another note, that discover weekly playlist? Well, I’d use it if it wasn’t filled 60% with music that’s simply just covers of top 40 songs. I want to discover new music. I’m not aimed at discovering redone versions of the songs I already know, unless it’s by the same artist who originally performed the song.

Finally, from what I’m seeing, it seems that Spotify as a company is leaning towards profitability rather than user satisfaction. Many a thread I’ve seen on the Spotify forums that go unanswered by Spotify employees. Many of these threads are at the top of Google search results when I research any one issue.

Spotify, get your shit together. I love ya, but I’d use anyone else if their service was honestly any better.

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