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Ubuntu Desktop Team GNOME Extensions Feedback Survey

The Ubuntu Desktop team has been tasked with making the transition between Unity and GNOME as smooth as possible. In order to do so, Canonical and the Desktop Team have chosen to create a survey designed to get users’ feedback on the transition. The feedback they’re specifically concerned with at the moment seems to be which extensions would be considered more or less useful to include by default in the future Ubuntu release when they’ve finally implemented GNOME.

The last question allows you to specify whether you want window controls (X, Minimize, Maximize) on the left or right, or whether you have no preference.

Before answering the survey, while it’s not necessary as there’s a brief description, I implore you to at least try GNOME with these extensions installed to get a better idea of the feel of these extensions while using the GNOME DE.

You can install the GNOME shell by clicking here and then install the extensions by visiting the GNOME extensions page.

See the embedded form below or click here to fill out the survey!

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Image Credit: Michele G

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