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Vague “This video is not available.” Message on YouTube

So I was browsing YouTube, checking out my subscriptions feed and I was presented with a new LastWeekTonight video. Particularly partial to John Oliver’s explanations on topics, I clicked through. I get up to make a coffee and upon returning I find a message telling me something like the following screenshot:

Usually, a message such as this one would be either “Video not found” or something similar or if the video had been taken down due to copyright claims, it would say such a thing. If the video had been deleted, then it would, again, say such a thing. However, in this case I’m baffled.

I noticed that the title was totally visible and that there was still a like and dislike count. I noticed also that the view count was still clearly present along with any other relevant information about the video’s licensing and category. I figured something was awry. I busted out my geo-restriction bypass mechanism and found out that lo and behold the video itself had been DRM’d in the form of geographic location locking.

I would know because I could bypass that very DRM

But don’t they tell you it’s been blocked in your area?

Image result for this video is not available in your region

They used to. What’s going on, YouTube?

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